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Flipkart - FlipKart Sold the Second Hand Used Product

1. I have been shipped a second hand printer 2. Printer was used and was again shipped to me on y order 3. Cartridges were already fitted in the printer when it came to me. 4. History showed many pages were printed and scanned already. 5. As on date, the Flipkart has not been able to resolve the issue and shipped me the replacement NEW Printerth 6. Not sure why Flipkart is sheltering the vendor who shipped the used printer - this is a history of the vendor and is sending all used products to everyone - I have attached the feedback of the vendor (seller) 7. HP has given both written and verbal confirmation that the product FlipKart sent me is used second hand and is registered by someone else's name and also the person had once claimed the warranty also.

0 Sep 23, 2017 05:58 PM Computers and Accessories

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