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Flipkart - Defective received now not accepted by company

I have ordered one pair shoes to Flipcart & they had delivered it in seal pack. I have used it after some times @ time of going office. I have felt pain in my left foot on the road but unable to back home due my office destiny is so high. After reaching office I have found one pin is raised up inside of left shoe. Then I have logged a complain but it was not accepted by courier guy due to tag missing & used it. I have informed the same to CS team of Flipcart & they assured that it will be taken back. But after doing lots of follow up I had known that they didn't return it as tag has missing as well as used it. Then I have asked them if I'm not used it then how I come to know it's defective & why I have removed the tag. If you want to photos of that shoes I will provide where they can checked it was tampered by me or not. But they didn't support me. Now my request to you if tag is missing where is my fault, they can verify it if they want but not. I have used it their 2nd objection so my question is if I didn't use it how I come to know it is defective rather you can't see it your open eye's. If we are purchased any shoes from other regular shop they have also option for replacement of defective with in 3-6 months & for my case it's only around 1month. Please give me justice & no one will face this type of problems in future. Thanks & Regards Debasish Ghosh 8697125405 /7044068152

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