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Flipkart - Cheated by misleading product information

I purchased "Birdy Fabric Closet" (name advertised by flipkart, which is a DIY closet. made of aluminium frames and fabric for the cover and shelf partitions. Since i realized that the material used for the cover is of bad quality and not durable, i used the return option to return it stating quality issues. Couple of hours later, i received a call from flipkart to check for the reason for the complaint. I have explained to them that this is not what i expected when they had mentioned " Fabric" in the product descrtiption. But flipkar support responded saying that we have mentioned fabric and micro fiber and styrofoam is the material used. Hence they cannot do a refund. As a matter of fact, styrofoam is NOT mentioned in the product description. This is covering up of information. Since if thats mentioned, many people wont buy this product. I need help to get this product returned and my money refunded.

0 Dec 19, 2016 05:17 PM Home and Garden

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