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Flipkart - After 2 months returning my product I didn't get my money back

I have ordered a spectacle from Flipkart. Order number:3746882786720300. Product name: Vast half rim wayfarer frame 51 cm gold f. They provided me with a wrong size spectacle so I requested them to take it back. After three attempts my order was taken back. While confirming the return order by a call in the number 18002089898 they confirmed me that they will pay back my money within 3 working days. I trusted them and I was quite sure that a big page like flipkart will surely return my money so I didn't checked my account. Now, before 7 days when I went to the ATM for a withdrawal I found that there was only 400 rupees in my savings which was already there and I was very shocked to see that flipkart didn't return my money back. So I again tried calling in the number 18002089898 from last 3 days and it was always found busy. Please help me get my money back. The spectacle coated to me rs 525 in total.

0 Jan 10, 2017 06:57 PM Internet Services

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