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Flipkart - Faulty cell phone

I brought a Moto X's play phone from Flipkart in last year November 2016 which my friend is using after six it start showing battery problem so visit she visit to nearest service centre in shara mall Gurgaon.where identify the software issue and repair it in 7-8 days .But now again it showing the same issue again because of which she stuck out in late night and there is no access to contact because phone which shows the 70 percent battery suddenly goes off .Just to highlight you now a days we are so much dependent on phone because it's smart enough we can easily book cab anytime any where and can contact for help and anybody can track us any where .bacause of what I want them to take return of phone and provide me writing that they do not care about the customer centric and they do not even check the quality of product just want them to provide me their fault in writing they are such irresponsible .but now they keep telling me again and again the policy and warranty period which I am already aware about I am not looking for any compensation I just want their acceptance because compensation they can't bear.

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