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Ferns N Petals - Ferns N Petals - Failure

Ferns N Petals - had placed an cake order to be delivered on 25th DEC 2016. When followed up they kept saying that their database shows that the order is delivered. But when informed that I had not received it, they realised that their system had a flaw and assured to deliver it on 26th DEC. On 26th it was the same scene. All the time they kept saying sorry sir and will be delivered soon next day. My calls were kept on hold for long durations with that silly music in the background. I made arround 8-10 calla in 2 days to hear the same reply 'sorry sir'. All the time I wanted to speak to the senior but they were never available to talk. Third class service! Simply one needs to understand, what is the point delivery anytime after the celebration day is gone. Waste of time and money.

0 Dec 26, 2016 09:19 PM Internet Services

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