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img - Cheating me. to get job they received money but they denied to do arrange an interview.

Yesterday a call from girl of she told me a job is their in Singapore university your resume selected for that job are comfortable with this offer? she asked me.for that you have to transfer rs4025 as a Life time processing fee. I have replied OK. She asked me to follow her instructions in Google and...... I followed and finally I have transferred that amount rs 4025. After debited from my account, she asked me my colleague will guide you through phone for further proceedings. After 30 minutes of time another call from his name....... He told me you are completed only 50%process and he convinced me to pay another 6000rs. I have paid through same debit card. After receiving he asked to pay another 10000rs for interview cracker. I have replied " you are cheating me, because you are telling total amount at the beginning of our conversation so please return my money to my account I am not willing to get any offer from you he denied and he cut off phone. I want justice please do something against them and help me to get my money back. I have all details like mobile number, website address, time of conversation, and all details. Thank you

0 Jan 13, 2017 11:55 PM Job and Career

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