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Excitel - Wrong Activation date and bad service

Very shameful experience with excitel broadband. I have introduce broadband connection on 9-Dec-2016 so that I can work from home but when they came for installation the network was frequent disconnection. And I have been given an anticipation that it will be reviewed and fixed soon. Also given their local numbers to contact. I have been contacting them for 10-12 days but issue still remain same. They have never told me to call 1800 for that issue and I was in anticipation that it is still part of installation so I have been telling if they cannot fix return the money so that I will go with other broadband provider. Finally they come back and told that I need to call 1800 for fixing such issue so I raised a complaint on 24th Dec and the issue got resolved on the same day. Now, they de-activated the account on 9-Jan-2017. So, it means that they have activated my account based on payment date but not the service provided date. Now, once they deactivated the account I went to Excitel on 1800 for correcting the activation period however they are coming with a mercy statement that they can give grace period of 3 days. Though I had discussion with their seniors over call. Very very pathetic customer service. The complaint # is TMT20170110985. I would request you to please go through their call log and collect the discussion level I had with them. Also they put me in a situation to heavy monetary loss of my company due to not working from home for which I am being penalised. Also they do not have ethics and intention to provide service to their client for which they have already been paid. Kindly do the necessary and immediate action against them and get me compensation for the loss. Regards, Anand Prakash

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