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Excellent E solutions - Excellent E solutions not ready to refund my money, only giving fake promises

I was working in Mumbai and now I am searching another job.It was 5th of Jan I got a call from Bhavana excellent solutions, she said that they get my details from and they offered me a job of analyst in one of the reputed company of India and held an telephonic interview with HR( I will disclose the name of HR later) but after clearing this first they said that I don't have to pay anything but slowly slowly they take deposit of around Rs 17000/- from me and they said it's an fees for training and they gave me offer letter of that company and after some time again HR called me and they said you have to pay 23000 more that is terms n conditions of company but I don't have that much amount so I refused it and then employee of excellent e solutions I.e. sahil said if you are ready to pay this den only confirmation is given otherwise they will give my money back at the same time but now they are refusing to give my money back they said it takes 45days to return your money. It's totally a fraud thing because they never said this policy before. And I have each and every conversation record of the employee because eveytime I recorded whenever they called me. Please be aware of this nonsense one. The first one is Bhavana, next Sahil, den varun, den Khushi. Their site detail is And they are offering big international company and after all the process they will not going help you anymore . I have each n every conversation record of their employees even the HR of company and payment details proof and mail records and offer letter of that company. They never said that they will return my money after 45 days and it almost more than 30 days but they are behaving like dumb only. None of them have sense how to use paytm. And ya one more thing they think we are dumb but actually they are dumb they said they will return my money by debit to debit card, I said okay u will try this also and they are doing withdrawal process from my account that means they are taking not refunding. Because they ask my CVV number then OTP , I said okay let them try all this and they said sorry mam it's showing declined, I said u know what why it is showing declined because the details gave you is that account details whose balance is Nil. And then they cut the Cal. They are still saying we are trying our best but I don't think they are trying anything but I will do each n every thing for getting my money back.

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