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Ebay India - Not assisting in return

I have bought a dress from eBay (Registered seller: Amyra Creations) worth Rs. 3400. The dress material was described as Satin, but it is not Satin and seller have changed the Description to Silk fabric at later date, and now i want to return the dress. I have raised a claim in eBay but eBay team have rejected it saying its not covered under eBay guarantee. I have read the eBay guarantee conditions and no where they have mentioned that quality issues are not covered. My product is not falling under non-eligible transactions as provided by eBay(for reference: Now eBay is asking me to contact the seller, but seller is not responding. Date of Purchase: 29 Nov, 2016, Date Of Delivery: 09 Dec, 2016 Claim ID : 2539737 , raised on 09 Dec, 2016 I want my money to be refund.

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