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Ebay India - Ebay seller name- neonas - Selling fake watches and calling it original

I received a Micheal kors watch from eBay on 21th Jan 2017 from the seller neonaas. Packing was fine but The price tag seemed to be strange, firstly it did not have a valid barcode or even the MRP Nor did it have any import export details. After showing it to one the Micheal kors retail dealers I found out the watch is fake. Firstly the tag was dubious and the strap of the watch had a cheap plastic covering on it which an original Michaels kors would not come with. N lastly after examining the dial closely it had the paint peeling off in it. I have raised a complaint on eBay. I was really surprised that the buyer is boldly calling his fake watch real. I feel bad because if I hadn't found out I would own the watch thinking it's original for the rest of my life. The seller should be taken strick action against him. So he does not go on fooling people. Pls help me.

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Feb 02, 2017 06:52 PM

Dear Neelam lunkar, We're sorry to hear about your experience. Since we can't reach you so you can contact us here: Regards, Team eBay

Feb 03, 2017 11:23 AM