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Ebay India - Didn't notified any delivery details and got it delivered somewhere else

I've ordered a tshirt via eBay and likely paid the amount via state bank of India debit card. It's been about one month since I didn't received my product so I called eBay for the details and then the official said it has delivered on 6th of Jan but I didn't received any notification from the courier service about the product delivery. I'm blaming eBay for this but they might wanna look into my case and take some necessary actions towards the seller and the courier service. Thank you.

1 Jan 10, 2017 02:14 PM Internet Services

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Dear Rishi Sonowal, We are sorry to hear that you've been having this experience. We don't have access to your account. Please reach out our concerned team here: Regards, Team ebay

Jan 10, 2017 12:00 AM