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Earlysalary - Harassment thereatens via sms

Hello Team, I took loan from Earlysalary an online platform to see there concept. The process was easy to take. During the repayment they had the glitch. There software on the platform did not have the option of paying via Citi Bank. I requested two days before my payment date for solution for this. There executives were relaxed and said the system will take ECS from my bank account, which technically did not happen. So there was few emails up and down then there collections executive called one day who wanted to theretan. I explained him the entire details. So he informed me Sir pay what ever your supposed to we will handle. At that very moment in the next 2 hours he gave me Early salary bank details and I paid them what ever I had to pay as per the last date of guidelines. ( I was ready to pay 2 days early still paid additional 2 days interest) Now the issue is not resolved so they are sending warnings to pay interest for there mistakes. I need an apology form them and for the in correst hassling of things I request them to pay me the interest which they have calculated incorrectly.

0 Dec 17, 2016 07:10 AM Business and Finances

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