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Dr.Batra's - Medicine not received

I am a patient of Dr.Batra's at Jammu. I started medication August 2016 with the request to despatch me medicines at the place of my posting at Srinagar (Kashmir) as and when required which I have also been receiving till December 2016. In this sequence, I ordered the medicine to despatch me on 30/12/2016 but till date, I didnt receive the same despite umpteen number of requests even at their Corporate Office. I am suffering from multiple diseases including High Blood Pressure coupled with fits of depression and without medicine my health is deteriorating with every passing day as also the combination of above medicines is not available at the place of my posting causing mental acute tormentatation to me. Please get the issue resolved with compensation. Regards ! A K Sharma

1 Feb 12, 2017 08:58 AM Movement and Delivery

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