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Dominos Pizza - Refused to home deliver citing address is half kilometer away from their parameter

We ordered pizza on Jan 1 afternoon via online order in dominos. We entered the required details and made payment. After that they called us saying they can't deliver the order as our address is half a kilometer from their parameter. We requested saying that it's only half a kilometer please deliver they flatly refused. We cancelled the ordered but the cash will be refunded within 7 days only they said. The issue we have is as follows 1. While placing order, while filling the address there was no such intimation that this address is not in their parameter.. If they had mentioned it at that time we wouldn't have proceeded with the order 2. only after order and us making payment they said it's not possible. Cash will be refunded within 7 days they said. Any online shopping website refunds the amount immediately or within 24hrs 3.the dominos customer care called us that day but we couldn't attend due to new year agendas. After that they didn't make any effort to understand our issue after that

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