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Dominos Pizza - Dominos India Cheats openly online

DOMINOS CHEATS PEOPLE: I placed an order online and Dominos charged my PayTM account, I got a confirmation sms that the order has been placed and that it is in the process of being delivered. After 15 - 20 minutes I got a call from Dominos saying that I will have to travel 10 -15 kms to take delivery of my order as my order has been delivered to a far away restaurant. Was it my fault ? I had correctly entered my order details and my address, the online system at Dominos on its own assigned my order to one of their outlets and now I was being blamed for placing an order at a far away branch of Dominos. When I refused to travel 10-15 kms to take delivery of my order, I was told that my order was being cancelled and that I will get a refund after 07 working days. They didnt only not make the delivery but will also use my money for the next 07 days. I was given a very rude and unprofessional treatment by the fine team at Dominos who were least interested to help me out of this messy situation. One should never ever pay online with Dominos as they are crooks, they will cheat you of your money and then wont even deliver. This episode took place on Saturday 10/12/2016 and till date there is no news about my refund, leave alone the compensation for all the inconvenience caused to me for using the online ordering system of Dominos. I am genuinly disgusted with Dominos India, Shame on them for cheating people who order on their web site, so much for our Prime Minister, Mr.Modi's effort to create a cashless world.

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