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Dominos Pizza - Auto selection of wrong address even when correct information has been put down

I really dont know you will look into the matter or not . On 21st dec i ordered pizza online at dominos .as mentioned to select area i did ranibagh ,after which sub locality is askd and there was not any option accept block a2 .after paymnt is done i got a call stting i have selected wrong address. Can you please explain when i live in ranibagh why i will select janakpuri?? They said we cannot process tour order because you have placed janakpuri so take your refund back or pay again. This is so unfair. From past 1 hour i have been told we will solve the issue and at last i got the call saying mam do the payment again. Wrong address provision dominos take online and i am blamed that i gave wrong address without thinking why any customer will do that !!! Kindly put rani bagh and go ahead with sub locality . PRAMOD FROM JANAKPURI DOMINOS AND TUSHAR FROM RANIBAGH DOMINOS cancelled my order by themself not even intimating me.

0 Jan 10, 2017 09:30 PM Internet Services

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