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Club factory - Delivery tracking number incomplete and does not communicate when called

"CLUB FACTORY" is a online site that presents clothes and other accessories from abroad. This site is a company of China. It was said that I will get the order by 19th of December 2016, which was Monday but its now 22nd of December 2016, I had tried to contact the customer service of India but always no response came from their end. When tried to contact in online always it said that we Will contact you but no phone call came only a mail came that was not of help and I told them to refund me the money they told it is not possible I also told them that then I'll return the products during the time of delivery the had an amazing reply, I am gonna send you the conversation in the proof column. When checked the responses of the site I got to now how this site harass people.I will send all the evidences below in the proof column. Please sir/madam I want my refund back I don't want the product anymore because if I once get it and it's not appropriate and during returning i have to send the product all the way to China which I come to know now after reading the comments section of the CLUB FACTORY. This fact is not given in rules section. Please help me to get refund back it's a humble request to you sir/madam. You people can help me out please help me get the refund to my products. All the documents and proofs are attached below. Please help me, I don't want the products anymore. Please help me to get the money back in my account.

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Plzz help to get the money back

Dec 22, 2016 12:00 AM