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Crossroads Helpline - Cheating.

Cross road edited Hi, I had bought 1 year road assistance plan in july 2016 n haven't use your service even once. On 23 Dec 2016 I got a call from cross road marketing & promotion department, there was a girl (Nidhi) she offered me some good plans like road assistance & car service plan which were quite interesting so I thought I'll buy this in Jan 2017. But she forced me to buy now only & said this offer is valid for today only. She offered me road assistance plan (for Life time) & Complete car service. As per our negotiation she reduced some price and also offered me additional car washing. With total amount of 3200/- with this all communication I agreed to pay that amount by cheque. Our deal was fixed & she sent a guy on 24 Dec 2016. That guy came & collected the cheque & given me 2 bills (1 is for 700/- & 2nd 2500/-) where he mentioned all the things which were fixed in our deal. Everything was going alright. Now few days ago when i called their customer care for additional car washing only (as per our deal) those guy says that we cannot give you that service & u have to take complete service only, but when i told them about my deal n then they said we don't know about these n all & also said that my road side assistance is also valid for 1 year only. I had called many time but they said the same thing only & many time i said to transfer my call to your senior person, but they never transfer n I waited for 20.. to 30 minutes to just speak to them.. but seems they were very busy in their other work my call got disconnected many time & sometime they said, we will arrange call back, but still waiting .....  It is totally disgusting that cross road company hired  illiterate people who even cannot speak to their customers & fulfill the queries, Feeling totally cheated. I have mailed them 4-5 times & also warned them that I will take any legal action against your Co. But didn't get any response. Thanks & Regards, Varun

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