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Concept Hydro Pneumatic Pvt. Ltd - After sales service

Solar power pack CeS-SPP-3500 with SPV 2000WP solar tubular batteries Rs. 293839 Invoice no. 162/14-15 supplied to V. Arthi and the same but left out Rs. 151800 financed by Arthi Venkatarman employer Wipro invoice 162B/14-15 dated 22-11-2014. It had warranty for free services for battery and invertor. There was no followup for a long time but after threatening one distilled water service was done. Meantime not satisfied with their follow up and better quotation V. Arthi went for expansion for 5 kw project with a Hosur supplier. In 2016 after 5 kw commissioned problems were noted in the invertor which refused to fuction as no power back up was there. In spite of several complaints there was no response and when Consumer forum name was mentioned they sent one inspector and said they are not responsible. Our qualified service provider identified the problem due to usual wear and tear and due to non-maintenance. To avoid power cuts we requested the new provider to repair it on charges to be recovered from the original supplier. We had to incurr 1000 on transport to Hosur and back 2 times and the cost of repair was Rs.2000. I am hosting this complaint from my father S. Venkataraman email who is looking after my solar project. All proofs will be provided on registration of the complaint.

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