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Complaint against Omega World Vacations, Goa - Complaint against Omega World Vacations, Goa

Hi, I am Ashish Kumar from New Delhi. I would like to file a fraud complaint against Omega World Vacations, a division of Omega Leisure & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. with their Goa office at 146/4-F, Candolim Beach Resort, Candolim, Bardez-Goa 403515 for making false promises and duping me with Rs.1,44,500/-. Detailed Description of the Problem: On 06-Nov-2016 during our trip to Goa, I along with my wife and children, were roaming in Candolim, Goa where an executive (Aakash - Phone No. 0 8007420097) from Omega World Vacations approached us and offered us one lucky draw coupon. On opening the coupon there was a mega price of Laptop/ Camera /LED TV / Holiday worth Rs 25,000. As a condition for claiming the prize, we were asked to visit one of their resorts next day, namely, O Hotel, Candolim, Candolim, Bardez, India (Grand 7 Casino, Goa). When we went there, we were then told that it is mandatory to first attend a presentation for 60 minutes before claiming the prize. At the hotel we were greeted by one of their executives Mr.Krunal Patel (Phone No. 0 990797722 and 0 9158129989) and then he explained about all the properties they have in and outside India and how we can stay in these properties at very discounted rates. Then he explained about the Joining Fee. They then showed us various 3, 4, 5 star hotels under their panel and told us that they have a tie up with DAE(Dial An Exchange) and we can holiday in these hotels by paying some minimal charges for a period of 10 years if we take their membership of Rs. 86000 (approx) and for 30 years if we take their membership of Rs. 1,44,500/-. He said that we can either pay full amount or pay Rs 51,000/- now and pay rest in installments. I told him that it is not possible for me to pay Rs. 51,000/- upfront. Then he gave me an option that we can pay full amount of Rs, 1,44,500/- in EMI for 36 months with an approximate amount of Rs.4200/- per month (after adding 1.4% bank charges) and I have to call the ICICI customer care after reaching Delhi to get the amount converted in 36 EMI for myself. This looked OK to me. I asked them if we could get some time to think over it as the amount is big and to verify about their company but they denied it and told us that this offer valid till our meeting lasts and then the price will be increased and the benefits may not be there later on. So, I discussed with my wife and then we agreed on to take 30 years membership and paid Rs. 1,43,000/- through my Credit Card and Rs. 1500/- by cash as my credit card limit did not allow me to pay full amount of Rs.1,44,500/-. Then on reaching home back on 8th November, 2016, I checked their website ( and on 9th November, 2016 to check all the details we were told and also tried to make a reservation but nothing worked. Then I tried to contact them on their Phone number (+91 7021 390581) listed on their website but nobody picked up the call, then I tried to email them at [email protected] listed on their website but that too bounced back. Then I wrote them a mail at [email protected] with my problem but did not get any reply till date even after sending them reminders. Then I tried to call the Manager Mr. Krunal Patel whom we met at the hotel but he too seemed to be ignoring us as he told that he will call in evening but he didn't then I tried to text and call him again, he then again said will call me some time later, but all in vain. I also called ICICI customer care to check if 36 EMIs can be made of the amount Rs. 143,000/- and to my surprise I was told that the maximum tenure of EMI is 12 months with monthly EMI of over Rs.12000/- (3 times more than what I was told by Krunal). I was simply shocked and felt cheated by Krunal of Omega World Vacations as how can they assure me that I can pay in 36 months EMI and provide me false information. I told him that I want to cancel the membership because the claims which were made before selling us the membership turned out to be false as they don't have any hotel available to be booked through their website and neither your phone or email are valid and are not working, then he said it is not possible to cancel the membership in any circumstances and its written on the agreement that we signed but in reality nowhere in agreement it is written that membership fees is non refundable. However it is written that Vacation fees is non refundable and we have not booked any vacation with them. I asked him to connect to their senior Gaurav Bhalla (Ph. No. 073870 21300), for which he said then he is available only after 2 days, because Thursday i.e. on 10th Nov their office is closed due to PM Modi's effect (no idea what effect), and that too only on the customer care number listed on their website (which is not working). Since then I have tried to contact them many a times till date through email and phone numbers but all in vain. I was frustrated with all this and told him that I am going to file a Dispute, FIR and complaint at Consumer Court but they did not bother to reply to any of my messages or calls. In one of the replies from Omega World Vacations, Krunal Patel has accepted the Mistake he had made but still they are insisting me to continue with the membership and not to cancel it but I want it cancelled and money to be refunded. Omega World Vacations seems to be cheating the tourists in GOA by luring them with Lucky draw coupons and by selling them their Memberships by making false claims. They seems to have a well scripted fraud plan where they find their targets by gathering some of the basic information from the tourists by asking questions during the course of discussion like: 1) Have you come on a vacation with family (lucky draw is only for couples or families) 2) Do you have a credit card (executive told this to be a pre – requisite for claiming the prize. Now we realize they asked for it so that they can swipe/ debit the entire amount in the name of authorization and that the customer is capable of paying the amount). 3) You should be tourist only with no connection in Goa (By the time tourists reach their hometown and realize that they have been cheated, they are in no position to file an FIR in police station or file a case in consumer court since the cause of action lies entirely in Goa and under no circumstance the tourist will come back to Goa to take legal action since that itself will double the expense of the tourist). 4) List down the last three trips and the total expense you made on those trips(by this they take idea about the paying capacity and how frequently the person holidays. Also they show the same amount in the end to compare how much the tourist had spent on just 3 holidays in the past and how he can be benefited in future by paying a much lesser amount that too for 5 star hotels and resorts by taking Omega World Vacations membership). This fraud seems to be going on a large scale as they have been targeting lot of tourists in Goa because I met many other Executives roaming around in Goa selling/distributing their Membership Luck draw coupons. You are requested to please help me in getting the membership cancelled and get the Refund of Rs.143,000/- from Omega World Vacations. I had to take a loan of 1,43,000/- to pay the amount as I could not afford it to pay in 12 months EMI and for this I would be paying an extra over 30,000/- as interest on loan. I want this fraud to stop so that no other person get caught in it and then suffer. Please help. Regards, Ashish Kumar

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