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Club Mahindra - No refund yet even they replied on 21st Sep to refund in 30-45 working days.

Dear Sir/ Madam I took club Mahindra membership on 17th Sep-2016 & paid Rs. 50000 thru credit card & Rs. 56800 by cheque as advance payment. But next day when I checked documents & realized that their representative Mr. Sumeet did not explain me about annual subscription fees (ASF) & I felt it is costly purchase. Their document stats that if you cancel membership with in 10 days of document receipt, you will get full refund. So I decided to get membership cancelled & sent an email regarding cancellation to them on 19th Sep-16. They replied on my request on 21st Sep-16 that your cancellation request has been accepted & you will get your refund in next 30-45 working days. Considering that I did not pay my credit card bill as they also told me that refund will be done in same account as it was paid. Next month I got CC statement mentioning interest amount of Rs.4528.45. which I had to pay otherwise It would have been accumulated. They also deducted Rs. 7742 on 7th Nov. as EMI thru ECS from my CC. I have been sending emails to them since 21st Sep and after every 15-20 days they reply with, refund will be done in 10-15 days. Please find below details of amount which they took from me & accrued int. A) Rs. 50000 paid by SBI CC B) Rs. 4528.45 Accrued interest by CC company C) Rs. 56800 paid thru cheque D) Rs. 7742 EMI deducted from CC Total amount (A+B+C+D)= Rs. 119070.45 Mr. Sumeet Mitra logged my membership in even after my cancellation request by email and by phone. whenever I tell him that I got SMS of ASF reminder, he reply this is system error, ignore it. I want, Stern action should be taken against Mr. Sumeet who misled me & give false information. I have been struggling to get my money back & suffering with mentally agony for last 3 months. I have all the email communication with club Mahindra for above marked details. Requesting you to help me out to get my money back & teach them a lesson. Thanks & Regards Pravendra Singh Mob.- 9582230161 Email ID- [email protected] Gurgaon Club Mahindra Membership ID- 2721293

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