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Clickurjob - Take money but no job

I have receive a call from clickurjob consultancy from Dellhi for a job. Mr Sidhart was there who is contact me for this, and he is taken near about Rs65000 in instalment basis through website. It's already 10 month I have given the money to him but still no job, when ever I called him he just giving fate another date. When I ask for the refund from him his number is switch off, last 3 month his number is switch off. This is the number +91 91367 22554 from where he call me always for money. I don't have any other option to get my money back. Kindly help me in this matter. My name is Swarup Kumar Maji (7797982523)

0 Apr 13, 2017 06:21 AM Job and Career

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