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Cleartrip - fraud of cleartrip

i have booked a hotel named Blue Orchid Executive, mumbai for my vacation via cleartrip. i have booked this hotel for 2 people. my check in date was 2 feb 2017 and check out date was 3 feb 2017. i have paid full amount towards this in advance. due to delay in flight i reached at hotel at 5.45 PM. at the front dest i was told that my checkout time was 6.00pm and right now you are are unable to check in. i have called the cleartrip agent mr. shahruk, he said that wait for a few minutes he will solve the problem. approximately waiting for 2 hours and continuously keeping on waiting for their call we got the answer that the ticket has mentiones itself that there is a check out at the 6PM. i have paid for one night in advance, the ticket clearly mentioning the one noght booking at the top, no specific date and time is mentioned on the ticket.. then how can these people be so cruel. i was with my wife. the area was stinking amd very unsafe. i requested to cleartrip to arrange a hotel anywhere or provide my money for this fraud but they clearly denied. this incident is really shoking. i was calling cleartrip people since 11.00am fro that morning but they never responded and told me such situation.

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