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Citi Bank - Fraud transaction on citi bank credit card

hi, There was 3 unconditional transaction happened on my credit card which was unknown to me 1st transaction was on 31 Jan and 2nd/3rd transaction on 4th of Feb 2017, which was totally around 34,000 , there is no high security on citi bank cards, the fraud call which was received on 30th Jan the person is telling my full name with DOB ,Credit card number, the expiry date of the card, how can we know apart from bank people who else will be knowing about our detail, keeping that in my mind i have believed the person who called me called, and as he said i will receive IVR pin and OTP, and said me to type on screen and i have typed on my cell phone and also he said its all confidential and not to share, and he had shared the number of citi bank helpline number as 8010552915. and he said my credit card is getting expire and need to replace card and need my permission, since he had all my details and i have believed him and typed my IVR on my mobile. NOTE: ***I have not told any IVR or OTP on call i have typed it on my phone on IVR call.***. and next day my online IPIN was blocked and was not working and i thought it might got blocked due to card change for security reason, i called to the number 8010552915 which the caller had given and told my IPIN was not working, they have told after receiving new card i need to change my IPIN and ID. after 3 days also i could not change my details, the next 5th day i got some how changed my online IPIN and user ID., and logged in and saw 8,458 INR had been transaction had been made without my notice, and immediately in the late night i called Citibank people and got card blocked and told about the issue, need justification for the above issue happened to me.

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