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Citi Bank - Credit card services mislead by CITI and could not get resolved even with repeated calls

I have been deceived by the bank executives to take a credit card for which I should not pay membership charges. but after receiving the card I have been charged for 3300 rupees yearly charges. For which it was told that I can claim cashback which was also a false statement. After many requests with bank officers they suggested me to migrate to rewards cards which is lifetime free membership card. again here the reward points should be transferred from the old card to new card by 130% as confirmed by the bank officers on call. But not even the original points transferred to my new card and it has been more than 4 weeks I call them repeatedly every 2 days. they tell it will be done in 2 days and it won't happen. I am really helpless on this regard. as I have more than 10000 points which I received for the old card membership charges of 3300/-. Now my purchase reward points and membership reward points are not transferred to the new card.

0 Jan 09, 2017 08:05 AM Banks

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