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Cartpay Solutions - Big Scammers in Merchant account

Hi My name is Vishal Nigam . I want to make you all alert about this cartpay Solutions company who basically provides merchant accounts ( payment Gateway ) are fraud company .. In start they will make you pay around 36 thousand rupees to get merchant account from them and also the paper work but once we get merchant account and we start processing they never pay us our hard earned money . I was using Thier account and I processed 10 thousand dollars . I waited for my payout as they said you will get within 21 days , after 21 days when I contacted then they told me that your account is closed and when I asked the reason they never said . After calling them and emailing them several times they emailed me that I will b getting my whatever money I had process after 210 days . I accepted that also and waited for 210 days but after this it's been more then a year now they have not given me a single penny .. this rascals not even picking my call and they blocked me in Thier call list . I played wise and just went in Thier website and apply as a new member who want merchant account and immediately this fucking asshole call me in 2 minutes . The girl Jasmine emailed me all the details and when I said I just played to get hold of you she hung up on me ... They don't even say Thier company address ... This bloody ass holes are a big cheaters ... I am going to file fir and then gonna fuck this bloody ass holes if they don't give my money

2 Jan 09, 2017 06:52 PM Internet Services

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If you wish to recover your amount ping me on skype : somutc. basically I am gathering the people who are victim of cartpay. afterthat we will take details. I have all the details of his office and employees.

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Mar 20, 2018 03:35 PM