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Canara Bank - Non credit of my contribution towards Canara Bank Employees cooperative credit society Ltd Maintained with Canara Bank Brabourne Road Branch Kolkata.

The contribution towards the subject society @ Rs 110/- per month was being deducted from my salary every month I came to know in the year 2008 that no subscription deducted from my salary is credited from september 2002 onwards to my subject account by the society /branch. In 2005 there are 3 credits on 10/08/2005,28/09/200514/10/2005 and then in 200714/09/2007Barring the above there is no credit there is no credit.I have been requesting to Canara BankBrabourne Road branchand cooperative society about the non credit since 2008.I had taken up the matter with our salary department at Canara Bank circle mumbai who were kind enough to send me the records/details . those were also sent to themBut still they have not given the credit. I had contacted the secretary Mr. Shantanil chatterjee,secretary over phone/mail since 2008 onwardsand there after personally called on him several times after my retirement in 2012. I had also pleade with Mr. Sanat Halder who also some post in cooperative society working at C.o. Kolkata(canara Bank) who has threatened me and tod me to accept whatever amount they wish to accept.Sirm there is a nexus in cooperative societyI request your honour to advise them ti give me the above credit with full interest till date and compensation,cost,damage. I have approached all our Canara Bank higher ups which did not yield any result.Hence I am pleading before you to help me to get all the anount before my death. With regards Tapan Kumar Paul

1 Dec 20, 2016 06:06 PM Business and Finances

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complaint against Canara Bank Employees cooperative credit society LTD, Kolkata.

Dec 20, 2016 12:00 AM