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CAFE 9 RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE - Not Refund Amount transaction from Credit & Debit card Both.

Dear sir/mam, This is to inform you that i purchase a cacke on 13.09.2016 from CAFE9 Restaurant & Lounge at P15, Ground Floor, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001. 1. At the time of billing in first attempt he swipe twice from SBI Credit card amount is deducted Rs.889, I asked to D Chakraborty why you swiped twice he said no problem its a network problem. 2. Then i gave him Kotak Bank Debit card in first attempt amount is deducted Rs.889 and i got message but slip is not generated, I ask to D Chakraborty he said as above network problem. Again he swiped from Kotak bank Debit card again amount deducted i got message of Rs.889 again slip generated, which was successful. Finally Four Transaction done for Rs.889/- out of which last was successful as per mr Chakraborty. One month Later we reached at Cafe9 with Card Detail statement of Rs.889 deducted thrice wrongly deducted from our debit & Credit card. He directly say go to bank this not our problem... after some arguments he accept his mistake and agree to investigate and ask us to come on monday , we went again he said today account staff is not available come another day. After so many visits We went again he said refund will credit in your account. till today no amount of Rs.889 is credit from Cafe9 to our account. Attachment : Kotak bank statement of september month in this amount is clearly shown deducted from account of Rs.889. SBI Credit card statement not available will provide later. Thanks/ Regards Rajan nath jaiswar 9899074545

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