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Bright Jobs Services - Job not provided

Promised to provide me job in HDFC bank but not received my offer letter neither my money which I paid to them which is almost 36000. I was interviewed on skype and also a telephonic round which I cleared. They said that I have cleared my interview and my joining would be 21st August. But after my interviews were over they stopped replying to my mails and also their number is switched off since then. Tried contacting them on skype but no reply. Last month they sent a mail saying that my training is delayed due to non-availability of candidates and they delayed till 25th september.They told me that I will receive my offer letter 7 days prior to the training but nothing received. Below I am forwarding you the transaction details which I made and also the last email that I received from them. If you want further clarification I can provide you with each and every detail. But its just that forget about the job I just want my money back.

0 Sep 20, 2017 11:50 AM Job and Career

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