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Bigo live - Company fraud with users

Dear sir /madam..A bigo live is a social app for live stream broadcast..in this app we go live and broadcast ourselves.. Sir/madam i am a user of this app from last 1 year and i have spent 5 lakh to 10 lakh to purchase their gifts from my credit card and those gifts which we send on others broadcast or friends.. Sir/madam after 1 year they freeze my account without any reason ! After freezing my account i sent many mails and feedback to bigo app they sent me frauds feedback that we will unfreeze ur account soon but they didnot unfreeze my account!!!! Now on 23.12.2017 i got a feedback from bigo app that they freeze my account permanently without any reason!! Sir/madam itz my complaint towards u against bigo app and please take action as soon as posssible its humble request to u consumer court !!thanks !! My bigo id name is : malikneil

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