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Best Value Hyper Market, Sharad Ruia Travels, B.M.C "P" North Ward - Auction Fraud between The Builder and B.M.C

1) As per “RTI” done by us BMC record does not show any property which is known as Shivam Shopping Center which is Know Best Value Hyper Market in there Book records as per BMC record there is a Plain Land. Whereas now there are 2 structure of Ground + 3 is available. Which are vacant and in dilapidated condition. 2) AS per “RTI” record BMC had does not issued any IOD, OC to develop this Property where as on today date the above mention Shopping center is existing. 3) The original owner of the said property was Mr SHARAD RUIA with register Address 101/3, KEDIA CHAMBERS S.V.ROAD MALAD (WEST)MUMBAI 400064. KNOWN AS SHIVAM SHOPPING CENTER. 4) Mr. SHARAD RUIA could not manage to maintain the property and BMC taxes for many years .So BMC put the auction notice to said property due to Crore of taxes where pending. 5) The auction was held on 12/06/2006. The amount took place for the auction for Rs: 1, 11, 00,000/- i.e. One Crore Eleven Lakhs only under the BMC management. 6) When the entire shopping center i.e. Awing ,B wing + Chawl was auction its value was more than 10,000 Crore how its possible that the auction was settled in 1,11,00,00 Rupees. 7) As per the “RTI“we had come to know that in that auction the Purchaser was himself Mr .SHARAD RUIA with other Patners register Address : 101/3, KEDIA CHAMBERS S.V.ROAD MALAD WEST MUMBAI 400064. KNOW KNOWN AS BEST VALU HYPER MARKET. With the lowest bidder .With managing the BMC by HOOK and CROOK. Which is possible by bribing them? 8) On Todays date 17/12/2016 we had removed the data from the BMC that there is RS:90,00,000/-(NINTY LAKHS RUPEES IS STILL DUE TO RECOVER FROM SHARAD RUIA and his Patners outstanding for property Tax and that BMC is not giving the notice for the said amount. 9) Beside this there is Chawl which was Known as “BANARSILAL MANSION opp NEWERA CINEMA s.v.road malad west MUMBAI 400064 “ with 45 rooms are there in the chawl and that is GROUND +2 in the BMC record this Chawl is existing from the begging of the records . It was trust property Known as “DEVENDER LAD RUST” and this same property was auction by the Shivam Shopping Center with the said amount Rs1,11,00,000/- 10) In that 45 rooms Mr Sharad Ruia & his Partner Bought 23 rooms in to his custody and he had locked up all the rooms without maintain it. Suddenly we received the notice when this SHIVAM SHOPPING CENTER WAS AUCTION FROM THAT PERIOD i.e 10 years back OUR CHAWL WAS ALSO AUCTION ALONG WITH THIS PROPERTY IN THAT SAID AMOUNT. AND THE BOARD WAS PUT ON OUR CHWAL NAME AS BEST VALU HYPER CHAWL 11) Now 10 years has been Passed he had locked up his 23 rooms without maintain it and demanding rent beyond acceptance according to the tenants. Suddenly one day we have received 354 notices i.e. dilapidated from the BMC to pull down the chawl with alternate accommodation from the builder.i.e (SHARAD RUIA) & PATNERS but our builder denying it said that he cannot provide alternative accommodation to 22 reaming tenants nor he can develop this property. That’s means he was into intention to damage this property since last 10 years and to send us shelter less from our house. Whereas the chawl is repairable and to due BMC is not giving us to repairing permission of our chawl. As the matter is into the court 12) Lots of scam and cheating can be identifying with proof from the BUILDER WITH BMC INVOLMENT but BMC is denying it.

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