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Hush Puppies Shoe bought for 3500 ₹ started Tearing on 25h day of purchase.Dear Sir/Madam I had a very bad experience with one of your Hush Puppies product purchased from your Bata outlet @ SCO 72 Huda Market Sector 46 Faridabad Phone:7042347799 The receipt of purchase is attached with. The shoe was purchased on 18th December 2016 and on 26th Jan I have submitted it back to the shop mentioned above with stichting loosing on its own. If a product of such a known brand comes out like that what "customer loyalty and Customer Satisfaction" Bata stands for? Now it's me who is the bearer of this sad story purchasing a shoe for 3500₹, shoe defected within a month & now will have to wear a repaired shoe for the rest "product life". For the time it's repaired either I have to wear an old shoe or have to purchase a new one , with no fault of mine! I must tell I am a bata customer since my school days with your brands "Naughty Boy, Tennis and Signor" few to mention but really disappointed the way things happening. Attempted 3 calls at toll free number mentioned with nobody picking agonizing once again. Regards Mohit Pathak 9871918016 Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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