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Bajaj Finance Limited - Deducting Extra Money in Monthly Installment since last 4 months

HI, I had a personal loan( Loan Num-401SAL14774877) from Bajaj Finance Limited of 420,000 Rs/- at 14.5% reducing rate amounting to EMI of 9882 each month for period of 5 years. I have numerous complaints against them listed below: 1. The Most recent one is that even after part payment of 50,000/-Rs on (07/08/2016)for reducing installment they kept charging me old installment of 9882 Rs every month, even though as per statement it should be 8260 Rs only( refer attachment). From last 3 months I have to mail them to remind for returning my own money which they changes me extra and after multiple mails even they failed to update their system for charging me correct installment. For Month of December I did not drop mail and they did not return me my money till now, this extra deduction has affected my monthly planning every time also had affected me mentally. I have faced many problems for meeting my payment deadlines for other credit cards due to this recurring behavior of deducting extra money by Bajaj and payed extra to others for late payment and to compensate delay. I would request you to levy heavy penalty to Bajaj Finance Limited and seek a healthy compensation for monetary & mental stress created by them onto me.

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If you need emails sent by me to them for it, please seek further details on [email protected]

Dec 14, 2016 12:00 AM