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Bajaj Allianz Insurance - Cash back amount not received

Hi, I am a policy holder of Bajaj Allianz and have had this policy for the last 5 years. This policy started on 03-12-2011 and the policy number is 0240458690. I was supposed to receive a cash back after paying the premiums for 5 years. The first mistake the company made is that they did not even inform me that they sent the cashback cheque to my address. I have shifted from that address more than 4 years back. The cheque was sent back to the head office and i had to visit the branch to give them specific information to stop the cheque and directly credit my account. I got my bank account details updated and all was good. Now, one department stopped the payment of the cheque and without confirmation the same stopped cheque was deposited into my State Bank of India account and was dishonoured by the bank. No coordination in the company.I had asked them to do a direct credit, so why stop a cheque and then diposite the same cheque. I have since the past one month called the call center for help but they actually dont have a clue of whats happening and keep on telling me to wait. Does it take more than 1 month for such a big company to process a simple payment.I have also spoken to a lot of supervisors ..I have a few names ..Sameer, Ajay, Mantoos, and a few more that i dont remember..The person from the greviance department Vidya informed me that she will take care of it a month back..She still does not have a clue of what is happening..Her Supervisor Rahul in the Greviance department did not follow up as promised. The past one month has been very frustrating and depressing for me and I would want to be compensated for all the mental harrasment that I have been through. It has really taken away all the faith I have in the company. I am still waiting for my cash back and I would also want to be compensated for the damage that was done in the past one month.

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