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Hi never ever order from thid site because this is a big cheat company. When they call you they will tell you thay a heavy discount is being ofered by them for you so that u can be caught puzzled with the price of product as compared to that in market. If you choose EMI they will ask you to pay a very less amount telling you that the rest will be financed by them. The company asks you to pay by paytm that too 5k max per trasaction as per the rule by paytm itself on normal mobile app. They are such a big cheat that they will keep calling you and keep asking you to pay different methods. And once they make you pay the price of the product by different modes they will ask you to pay the amount in full in order to get the product or to even get back the money. Please i will request all the people reading this just do not make any order on this site. It is a fraud website. Rest I am going ahead and filling a consumer complaint too against this company. So if u get any call from them or you some how get to this website just do not deal with them. Beacuse even if they will get 5 people thier products to keep the safe side. They will surely cheat on 50 people to make that possible. So it is just a very big risk probability to order from this side.

0 Oct 28, 2017 03:57 AM Internet Services

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