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B&B Cable Vision - Cable Operator charging without providing a proper bill

After registering a complaint before 5 days, today two people from B&B cable vision came to my house and instead of checking the complaint, they just changed the set top box and charged me Rs. 300 as AMC for the set top box. To get the complaint sorted I agreed the same and asked for a bill. The bill which they provided to me was a fraudulent bill in which it is written "bill for collecting subscription charges". When I enquired about it and asked him to give me a separate bill for collecting AMC charges the manager of B&B cable vision replied unprofessionally and abusively. As I made my point clear that I won't pay the money unless I get a proper bill. After which he purposefully disconnected the cable connection. I had contacted the DEN customer care and came to know that they don't charge any AMC from customers (complaint no 4206611). I request proper action to be taken against such abusive cable ooeratord. Sijin Mathew 09895723222

0 Feb 21, 2017 05:55 PM Unauthorized charges

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