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Axis Bank - My account has been charged without informing me or asking or seeking my permission

Axis bank is now a days in trend of doing scam they are opening demat account without seeking approval without acknowledging and simply deducting account when I called customer care reporting this issue they gave me another number which is of no use. 1000 bucks have been deducted from my account without seeking my permission tomorrow I need to make a payment which I won't be able to because they have deducted the amount without any information so either I contact that person to cancel the check or let my Check to bounce. I am in no where situation lead to mental tortore. When I called customer service about the same issue instead of helping me out they put me on hold for at least 30 min after this I got an reprentative who don't know what to do and put me on hold for another 18 min so they also didn't helped me after this they gave another no which is of no use to get in touch with someone I need to activate my account so technically if you won't activate the account they won't entertain you so it's of no use either I leave my money or I go to consumer court

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Hi siddhath, same thing happened with me as well. Axis bank is charging me on my account without informing me. I can not see charges in my bank statement they are directly charging it. Can you tell me how to make complain against them?

Jan 10, 2017 12:00 AM