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Aristrocrat realty pvt ltd - Fraud and criminal activities

Sir, Anantraj society and their secretary and chairman with Aristrocrat realty Pvt ltd making handshaking with each other poisoned the trees in the compound and this things are recorded in police files as well as with municipalty and FIR no 66/13 year 2013 is already their other FIR is 362/15 OF 2015 which is illegally taking access of mine flat no 3 without my permission and destroyed my flat which was a criminal activity done by aristrocrat realty pvt ltd .and anybody can check these FIR in kandivali west police station as a proof. Anantraj societies secretary and chairman are involved in unlawful activities such as Anantraj society itself wants to pay compensatery amt upto 2 lakhs to me because unlawfully they have taken it as extra charges from me and respected co operative court has a court order regarding this to pay us the original amt with interest and that is upto 2 lakhs Anantraj society wants to pay legally and these thing society deliberately hiding it.I am holding a court order a proof and can be disclosed anywhere and anybody needs to look into it i can produce it as well. Anantraj society secretary and chairman Mrs swarda sathe and Mr mhapsekar and associates group are all corrupt and by making handshaking with each other done this unlawful activities with Aristrocrat realty.Aristrocrat realty pvt ltd not paid me any corpus fund,rent or any other expenses as per rules and demolished my residence house unlawfully They have not paid me single amount out of this.Law and order is not there in the state and country and this is the proof of it.Government backing builders only and not the common man.and due to this builders having courage to destroy any bodies house without permission.This is very very discusting and shameful at all.

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