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AppsDaily - Not giving benefits that they promised to give

I bought a mobile phone 4 months ago. while buying the mobile store E world at sakchi, jamshedpur offered me to buy an insurance pack which covers the physical damage of phone, few days back i got an accident and the back glass of my phone was broken, i took that phone and went to that store, they gave me a number, i called customer executive and submitted complaint online, they asked for documents, i uploaded everything as they demonstrated, ultimately they rejected my claim, i don't know why, they are not willing to give me my benefit which i supposed to get... please take action on the insurance company Apps You Need and the mobile store E World, sakchi Jamshedpur, I need the benefits or a new phone or the amount of money so I be able to repair my phone...

0 Dec 18, 2016 12:02 AM Business and Finances

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