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Apple icloud locked - Apple icloud locked in gifted iphone

Dear sir, I receive an apple Iphone 6 16gb gold IMEI 356985062653839 as a gift imported from usa purchased by an old person. nowdays when i received the iphone it is icloud locked as per apple we enable the find my iphone feature our self but the id was created by the owner of shop and hope that the feature was also enable by him now the issue is i am unable to use this apple Iphone which is costing 33,000 rupees in India. Today i call apple help center so the lady talk with me very nicely that she is unable to proceed my request as i don't have the bill because it is gifted. I am agreed with her. I have box and all other accesories of my iphone but apple only need bill. Dear apple i am unabe to use my iphone and the cost is thirty three thousand which is so much in India i am uploading the picture of my seal pack iphone which i only have because i don't have bill kindly please unlock it i don't care you can erase all data of iphone as it has nothing inside but i want to use it i am not a criminal or a theif. sir/mam i dont want any call or suggestion from you i just want my iphone turned on properly when i get up at morning tommorow Thanking you Shashank Tyagi 9999486095

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