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Apple - Multiple replacement of phone with defect

I am Vishnu VK an I phone user , I bought an Apple I phone 6 on 10 March 2016 serial no FNMR52B2G5MR . That device's touch got frozen in few months so stepped into maple service centere belmatta mangalore, they diagnosed the problem and they replaced that with a new unit , again after 1 month My that phone also started showing some problems like lock botton was not responding I went to the same maple and they diagnosed that problem and replaced the device . After that a series of replacement happend due to one or other reason, now it's my 4 th I phone6 I'm using .Now this phone also started showing i Problems with home button and touch , heating issues , receiver is not working properly. And regarding that I spoke with maple digital technology and Apple care they all told that the only help which they can do me is just diagnose the problem and replace the phone .But I am not satisfied with that answer . I registered a complaint in Apple , Complaint I'd 100162302792 I don't think they will not take a better action more than the usual replacement .Now I'm really frustrated with this issue ,once in two months I have to go to maple and show them my phone ,Two to three days I have to keep that device there . And moreover every phone which maple gving me is not a sealed box , last time I asked them about that in maple and they said that is a part of their procedure , i am not satisfied with that type of procedure as well. And my main concern is , the phone which maple gives me has now has only 3 months warranty, what will I do if anything happens after that three months I'm sure that something will happen, because none of the devices which they given me doesn't last more than 3 months , just go through attacattachment

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