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Amazon India - Order not delivered despite paying extra amount for guaranteed urgent delivery

I had ordered Seagate hard drive from Amazon on 21st SEP and paid extra Rs.100 /- to get the product delivered on Saturday, 23rd SEP by 8 PM. When I checked order status on 23rd, I found that status as "Delivery Rescheduled on customer Request" The fact is that ,I didn't receive any SMS or Call regarding this change on 23rd SEP. When I called Amazon for the follow up (thrice), the only excuse I got is that " We are sorry for inconvenience. There is some technical issue and we will follow up with delivery team and get your product delivered by 24th SEP and we will refund the extra Rs.100/- paid as well. As Nothing I could do about this, I agreed for delivery on 24th SEP, But now when I checked on 24th, I can see the delivery is now scheduled between 23-26 SEP.. There seems to be no seriousness about the timely delivery of the products on Amazon. Very disappointed. Can't even cancel the order

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