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Amazon India - didnot recieve the refund of rs 499

I had purchased a Barari cotton kurta but then i returned it as i didnot like the colour. My kurta was picked up on 11 july 2019 and then my refund was initiated in my account with the refund reference no 559865. They assured me that the money will reflect in my account by 18 July 2019. In that estimated time i didnot recieve the refund. I called to customer care they said they have refunded it bt as it is not showing in your account so call the bank customer care. When i called the bank customer care they said that if they have refunded it then it will reflect in my account so they have nothing to do in this case. Repeatedly i kept calling amazon as well as bank customer care but i got the same reply. Its a harrassment for customers for repeatedly calling everyone. its amazons job to refund so why we will be harrassed. its really disgusting. i donot have so much time to call and ask for refund and hearing the amazon people blaming bank and bank people blaming amazon. Its not customers job to repeatedly call. just want my money back amazon by hook or by crook. its your job to refund and if its not reflecting in my account its ur job to make sure that money reflects in my bank account.

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