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Amazon India - Samsung Galaxy LED TV 32 Inch

I ordered a Samsung 32 Inch LED tv from amazon to my mom's new house as a gift for her on mothers day. also paid extra for the premium delivery. The TV arrived on 4th May 2019 however the installation was done on 8th May 2019 by the Samsung technician. during installation the account holder (ME) was not present, however the installation technician from samsung had come installed the tv and went without giving a demo, as it was a new house and we did not have Cable Set up box and my mom having a basic phone couldn't check the working of TV bu playing videos or any other channel. The samsung technician quickly ran through the options and left within minutes. the whole time the TV was off until me the account holder arrived the next day to check the TV at my mom's new house. surprisingly the upper panel of LED TV is bent and when i am connected my smart phone tried to play something in you-tube there is a line on the display of left corner side on the LED screen. I received a TV Damaged TV. When i contacted AMAZON they sent a technician from there end and when he arrived the feedback he gave within 5 minutes was ,The Box of TV is fine and thermocol inside is fine there is an issue with damaged product. please contact Samsung as this is a product damage issue not delivery issue. Now Samsung people say as the product is ordered from AMAZON please contact them. And i am struck here with broken TV. As tomorrow is Mother's Day i will be going to the local Bajaj electronics store and get the New TV and install it immidiatly. Amazon I received the damaged TV, i've attached screenshorts for your referance, also please find the order details below

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