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I am placing one shoes online, cost rs 2495 for size 10, when I went to add shoes in my shopping cart, price is showing 3495 for 10 size, I thought if I'll chat with customer service they'll help me, I started chatting with an Amazon agent online and explain all this thing bt he was unable to help me with that so told him to transfer the chat to manager, he transfer the chat to one of his floor supervisor named Bala, I thought he'll definitely help me by explaining him again all this thing he told me price get changed by the seller we are unable to do anything with that, but the price for that shoes still showing rs 2495 for size 10, then I told him this is a cheating help me with the neat price or else I'll make a complain against Amazon, he disconnected the chat, again I went to chat, same result I hot, after explaining all these thing with an agent Ajay chat got disconnected..

0 Feb 11, 2017 07:27 AM Internet Services

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