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Amazon India - Amazon charged Double the "MRP Price" of a Product

My wife - Monika has purchased - Men's Wallet (Product Description - Cross Neuva CR Men's Large Coin Wallet, product code #AC048254, X000LRXNP) online via Amazon India portal dt. 28th Nov 2016. The product was delivered & sold by their retailer - BIG LEAP INVENTURES PVT. LTD. (VAT/ TIN#19453103039, CST#19453103039) vide Invoice#WB-SCCA-145231591 dt 29 Nov 2016 with Total Invoice Value INR 3039.00 (i.e.Base Prices as INR 2999.00 + INR 379.79 (CST @14.5%)). When I opened the package I found the product had a label of "MRP INCL OF ALL TAXES: Rs. 1999.00" Month & Year of Manufacturing of the product is "5/16". This is a clear case of cheating / fraud (Picture of the product MRP label, Picture of Product label and supplier invoice is attached as Proof), the said company should be heavy penalized for doing such fraud of over prices the product and cheating a consumer to earn unjustified profits. I would complain this case to the notice of court to get proper & quick resolution and justice.

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