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Amazon India - Amazon India charged Double the MRP Price of a Product

I purchased - Men's Wallet (Product Description - Cross Neuva CR Men's Large Coin Wallet, product code #AC048254, X000LRXNP) online via Amazon India portal Order ID # 404-6274340-6271522 dt. 29th Nov 2016. The product was delivered on 4th Dec 2016 & the same was sold by their retailer - BIG LEAP INVENTURES PVT. LTD. (VAT/ TIN#19453103039, CST#19453103039) vide Invoice#WB-SCCA-145231591 dt 29 Nov 2016, Total Invoice Value INR 3039.00 (i.e. Base Prices as INR 2999.00 + INR 379.79 (CST @14.5%)). When we opened the sealed box, we found that the product had a label of "MRP INCL OF ALL TAXES: Rs. 1999.00" Month & Year of Manufacturing of the product is "5/16". I can provide Picture of the product MRP label, Picture of Product label and supplier invoice is attached as Proof/ evidence.  With this above documentation it is clear that there is NO sanctity of listed MRP marked on the products and this becomes a clear case of cheating / fraud and that too by a BIG company like AMAZON, which we believe to have ethic and placed our blind faith & trust.  I would like to raise a complaint against AMAZON India (including its relator/ seller – BIG LEAP INVENTURES PVT. LTD) for cheating & fraud and would recommend levying heavy penalty for cheating consumers by charging 150% of the MRP price of the product which is ill-legal by law of the land and earning unjustified profits.  Also would like to highlight an issue / complaint for charging double taxation (VAT/ CST) which was inclusive in the MRP price marked on the product.  I am sure a company like Amazon would not like to indulge in these activities and tarnish your market dominance and image. Please look into this complain immediately and provide resolution and justice. 

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