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Amazon India - OnePlus3-PATHETIC PRODUCT

Pathetic product. I will never recommend anyone to buy it. I bought this piece of trouble on 13th july16 and within these 5 months the unit started creating problems like getting heated up like a ball of fire!! Its batter drains out so fast!! The over-charge circuit does not function properly so thats why during each recharge the unit becomes hot! Is the product life only for 6 months and after that it will conk off?? You guys are cheating public by bringing sub-standard products and selling it on your platform by tagging it as "Amazon exclusive". Poor public gets trapped on such "niche ads" and taste the consequences. Few complain while maximum donot. I chose not to remain quite on this mental agony and cheating! YOU WILL HAVE TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!!!!

0 Dec 16, 2016 03:09 PM Electronics and ...

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