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Airtel - Sub: Upgradation of IBS tower in to 3G tower without prior approval/consent of owner/licensor Id GT4733.and not increasing proportionate rent

The company had established an IBS Tower on my terrace with my consent and mutual agreement for compensation and contract for the period and some basic conditions from 01/01/2013. All of a sudden in the morning of 5th Aug, 2015, some instruments had come to my residence for the up gradation of the tower from 2G to 3G without my consent and knowledge. The people carrying the goods contacted some officials of the company and talked me over the phone and assured that you allow them to install the instruments and the rise of rent and additional agreement for 3G will be done in due course as per all the sites. Helplessly, I had allowed them to work on the telephonic promise of the company’s officials-whose designation I do not know. I wrote a demand request for additional rent and agreement on 10/08/2015. Thereafter I had reminded the matter several times over the phone and send two reminders on 16/01/2015 and 22/04/2016. The company had never answered my request. Every time when I telephoned, the company officials gave me assurance that you need not to worry; your demand will be fulfilled l accordingly as per other sites. In the month of July, 2016 company officials Mr. Om Prakash Sharma and Mr. Kapoor were visited the site and they denied the demand. I strongly represent my case and told them to remove all the materials other than IBS Tower (2G) as per the agreement with me. Then they assured me that we will be solving your issue but they had not done anything. I had wrote a letter on 6/09/2016 to shut down the site if my issue will not solved in the time of fortnight. The company had credited my account by Rs. 8000/- on27/09/2016 without giving the intimation from their end, but there is no clarification about the amount credited. I presumed that they credited said amount for the month of Aug, 2016 and Sept, 2016 rise in rent four thousand per month. Hence, the rise in rent for eleven month the period of Aug, 2015 to July, 2016 is not done by the company which is injustice to me. I, therefore request you to increase the rent from the date of up gradation immediately in the fortnight and oblige.

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